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    By · July 20, 2017 · Filed in Uncategorized

    Bluefish! Good luck to all our swimmers at champs on Saturday. The last practice is tomorrow from 9-10. The league is in desperate need of timers for Championships. Even if our 2 spots are taken, please consider signing up to time, as many pools are only sending 1-2 swimmers and they could use the help. Go to http://www.sslswim.org/Champs.htm to sign up and volunteer.

    1. Remember our team banquet on Saturday at 6pm. Please sign up to bring a side dish. We will eat from 6-7, have awards from 7-8, and play in the pool until 9ish. If you cannot attend please have someone pick up your trophies and empty out your family folder. I could still use some help with this event. Please volunteer.

    2. Bring any gently used suits to donate to disabled/special needs swimmers in Mexico. There will be a box for the suits at the party.

    3. Congratulations to Lea Salinksi for her shirt design getting second place in the SSL t-shirt contest. It was really cute!

    4. A link to the Bluefish Brass Ensemble’s performance can be found on the bottom right of the website.

    Lastly, many of our long time families time on Bluefish is coming to an end as their youngest children graduate. This will open up opportunities for people to step up and volunteer. Here are some needs we have going forward.

    1. Bernadette Whallon has been organizing the Family Fun breakfast for the last few years. She will be doing this again next year but needs someone to take her place after that. She would like to give you all her supplies to help make the transition easy. Please consider taking on this job and learning from her next year.

    2. Joan and I committed to being team coordinator for three years. Next year will be our last year. We would like to start training our replacement next year. Two people working together makes the job much easier. Please consider taking on this job as it is important to the team’s success. Ask yourself, if not me than who?

    3. We could use more stoke and turn officials in the future so our more experienced officials can start to learn Ross and Jim’s job.

    4. Thank you to Mrs. Robinson for taking on the Halberg’s job with pictures/seniors after next year.

    See you Saturday, Joanne