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  • Last Update for 2017

    By · July 23, 2017 · Filed in Uncategorized

    Bluefish! I am so glad that the weather decided to cooperate during our banquet. Thank you to all the volunteers that helped set up and clean up. This will be the last email from me until mid April, 2018. If you did not come to the banquet, you can pick up your trophies and plaques at the lifeguard office. All swimmers 10 and under receive a trophy. All 11 year olds and new swimmers over the age of 11 receive a plaque. Returning swimmers 12 and up receive a plate with the date 2017 to attach onto the plaque they received last year. I am unsure if the 2017 plates were placed in your family folder or if they are in a blue bag with the trophies. Please also clean out your family folders. In addition there are special awards. Below is the list of this year winners. Make sure to pick up these as well if you did not attend the banquet.

    Alex Karahalis- King Bluefish

    Stephanie Dryden-Queen Bluefish

    Matt Grillo-MVP 6 and U Boys

    Kendall Moseley-MVP 6 and U Girls

    Kelly McHugh-MVP 8 and U Boys

    Kaitlyn Kotowski-MVP 8 and U Girls

    Ankit Gupta-MVP 9-10 Boys

    Kira Brown-MVP 9-10 Girls

    Tyler Wilmore-MVP 11-12 Boys

    Anna Gliwa-MVP 11-12 Girls

    Aaron Wilmore-MVP 13-14 Boys

    Grace Smith-MVP 13-14 Girls

    Andrew Halberg-MVP 15-18 Boys

    Hannah Strong-MVP 15-18 Girls

    Chance Scarborough – Most Improved 6 and U Boys

    Audrey McHugh-Most Improved 6 and U Girls

    Caleb Fenton- Most Improved 8 and U Boys

    Kayla Salinski-Most Improved 8 and U Girls

    Liam Dallas-Most Improved 9-10 Boys

    Joy Lombardi-Most Improved 9-10 Girls

    Tyler Alvarez-Most Improved 11-12 Boys

    Maggie Robinson-Most Improved 11-12 Girls

    Kyle Miller-Most Improved 13-18 Boys

    Morgan Wilson-Most Improved 13-18 Girls

    Thanks for a great season and for our generous gift,

    Joanne and Joan