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  • This week’s notes

    By · July 16, 2017 · Filed in Uncategorized

    Bluefish! Another great meet with many fast swims. Thank you to all our volunteers and congratulations to the Smith family who won our last raffle. I would also like to recognize those who played in the Bluefish Brass Ensemble. This is a wonderful tradition and they get better every year. Members included:

    On Trumpet: Tyler Alvarez, Ben Kaiser, Anna Marks, Becky Marks, Betsy Marks, and Coach Kurtis Whitman

    On Horn: Sarah Marks and Ryan Moseley

    On Trombone: Goodwin Cobb, Cai Hepner, and Patrick Palm

    On Eupharium: Jacob Marks

    On Tuba: Norm Marks

    Thank you to Betsy Marks for coordinating this for us every year.

    Here are some notes for this last week.

    1. Practice for this week will only be for those swimmers attending time trials and after each individual time trials, those qualifying for Championships. Practice will be at the regular times through Wednesday and all ages will be from 9-10:15 on Thursday and 9-10 on Friday. When in doubt check the calendar online.

    2. Reminder to all time trials participants-all suits must be deemed appropriate. No tie backs, extremely skimpy suits, or suits with inappropriate words or pictures will be allowed. If you have any doubt bring an extra one just in case. Also, no suits or swim caps from other teams are allowed.

    3. For those going to time trials:

    We have gotten the warm up assignments for each time trial session.

    Sunday 7/16@Drummond Hill: 13 and over: our warm-up is at 2:15pm. Please arrive by 2pm. Meet starts at 3:45pm. For this session there will be an addition warm-up period after the IM’s

    Monday 7/17@Fairfield: 11/12: our warm-up is at 4:30pm. Please arrive by 4:15pm. Meets starts at 5:30pm

    Tuesday 7/18@Crestmoor: 9/10’s: our warm up is at 4:15pm. Please arrive by 4pm. Meet starts at 5:30pm.

    Wednesday 7/19@Penn Acres: 8 and under: our warm up is at 4:15pm. Please arrive by 4pm. Meet starts at 5:30pm.

    4. Please sign up to bring something to the end of the year banquet. I also need several more set up people and servers during dinner. A big thank you to Mr. Smith for picking up the chicken for us. If you cannot attend the banquet please have someone pick up your trophies and clean out your family folder. Stars and Stripes ribbons should be in there by Saturday. Aging out swimmers also arrange for someone to pick up your gift as well if you cannot attend.

    5. Lastly,  we are collecting suits for Mexico. Suzanne Dann’s mother teaches disabled and special needs people how to swim in Mexico but they need suits. Last year our team donated 60 suits to her program which was a great blessing to her students. We need suits in all sizes. So go though those drawers and donate those suits that are too small or the kids never wear. There will be a box at the end of the year party or you may give to me at practice. I will not be at practice on Monday or Wednesday.